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A Fool For Love -Part One

The honest truth is that I was broke. But I couldn’t tell him that.

That Saturday night when he told me he would come see me the following day, I agreed. Even when I knew I didn’t have more than ten thousand shillings in my wallet. I hadn’t seen him in about six months. I wasn’t going to let anything come between us. Not even poverty.

I’ll be the first to admit that the universe hated me. Why? Because 95% of the times Jason suggested visiting me, I was either broke or dangerously close to being broke. And that rubbed me wrong. Two, each time I tried to cook for him, something ALWAYS went wrong.

That Sunday, I woke up at 4am. I cleaned up my place so well that I even felt guilty. In all sincerity, my room was never that clean on other occasions. After the general cleaning, I showered and then rushed to school for the day’s lectures. I had no time for breakfast.

At 2pm, my Sunday lectures ended. I quickly rushed to my room. A new month had begun but I hadn’t yet received a credit transaction alert from my bank. By faith, I grabbed my card and went to the nearest ATM machine. Miraculously, the money was there. I made a withdraw and went to buy a few supplies.

While shopping, Jason texted me. He asked where I was and if I had cooked. I told him I was buying a few things. I didn’t respond as to whether I had cooked. I just told him to come and made a joke about whether he was starving.

He is a vegetarian. He preferred peas and rice. I didn’t have time to cook peas but I purposed to make do with what I had. I already had cooked beans at my place. I concluded on a simple meal of rice, chapattis, beans, greens, avocado, ice cream, juice and sodas.

My rice at home was done. I went to someone selling rice on whole sale. He mentioned all the different types and their prices. I just bought the most expensive. A kilo at eight thousand shillings. I bought everything else I needed for my simple menu and went home.

I fried the beans and greens, sliced the fruits, and boiled the rice. It was at this very point that I realized my error. I had bought Somali rice. It had both a weird smell and taste. So much for trying hard to impress!

When the cooking was done, I cleaned up and waited for His Highness to show up. It was a hot afternoon outside.

Jason called. I went outside to pick him up. As always, there were many people up and about. I spotted him first.

He was smartly dressed. Jason looked relaxed and fresh. I’ve never met a guy more confident. He had such intimidating self worth. And no, he wasn’t handsome. He wasn’t exactly ugly either. I loved him regardless.

You can say all you want about that guy, but dude knew how to make a girl’s heart stop.

I watched him get off the boda and pay the rider. He got out his phone and called me. I picked up. He removed his shades and scanned the premises for me. He smiled when he located me. He hung up walked towards me. Suddenly uneasy, I looked down, then at my phone….then everywhere else. If he says I didn’t love him, then he’s a fool. It was written allover me.

Thank you for reading. Drop a comment below and keep on the watch for part 2.

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  1. Ayebare Patience Joy

    April 1, 2022 at 2:53 pm

    Oh no! It ended so fast,I kept scrolling thinking I’d land on another paragraph and all I’m left with are wild imaginations of what could have happened that evening because honestly,Jason is an ‘unpredictable guy’
    Definitely waiting for part two,there’s just something about your way of writing I literally get glued on every single word even the punctuation marks haha!

    1. Echoes Over Coffee

      April 1, 2022 at 3:07 pm

      Thanks hun. You’re definitely my number one fan. Thanks for always reading and commenting.

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