The first item on the agenda was a fun game. Everyone had a white plain paper stuck to their back. We all had to go around randomly writing something about others on their backs. It was a very fun and engaging activity.

This was on Friday last week, during our Staff Meeting. Most things written were “Eye Opening”, as our Managing Director later put it. It is amazing what others think about us.

2. You have a lovely past and a beautiful story/journey.
3. Always Smart.
4. Inspirational Writer.
5. Intentional and Caring.
6. Encouraging with her words.
7. Being passionate about what you do.
8. You follow up a lot.

The above is exactly what was written on my paper about me. Some are missing because they were not written in clear handwriting. ‘Chosen’ was in capital letters and I guess I know who wrote it; our Managing Director. Looking back at my past, ‘Chosen’ is indeed quite an accurate adjective.

It has been three years since I came to work with them. My workplace has always been like home; and my workmates like family.

They took me on as a volunteer after my first year at campus. I joined them when I was a huge mess. Emotionally, I was a wreck. Nine months prior, I had fallen in love for the very first time. All was wonderful at first, but later things turned sour. My boyfriend at the time had beaten the shit out of me.

No, he never laid a finger on me, however, he tortured me deeply in all the other forms; especially psychologically and emotionally. It was so bad that by the time God asked me to go and apply at that media house, I was feeling suicidal.

God? Yes. I had finished a three-day fast, Wednesday to Friday. That Friday, I spent the night in an overnight at my cousin’s church where he served. All through Saturday, God kept telling me to go a certain media house. I refused.

I had applied there some months back and even gone for a two weeks’ training. However, due to exams at campus, I dropped out after week one. Predictably, I was not called back. That’s why when God asked me to go, I was hesitant. I hate and fear rejection.

The week that followed, God kept telling me to go back to that media house. That Sunday, I bumped into someone I knew. She used to work as an Administrator there. I told her I wanted to volunteer with them. Unfortunately, she had left some months back. Fortunately, she told me the new Administrator needed an assistant. She said she would talk to her that day; all I had to do was to show up tomorrow at 10:00am at their head office.

The following day, I went just so I could prove to God that I had done what He wanted. That way, He could leave me alone. Long story short, I went expecting an interview, turns out I was given the job on spot. I started work straight away.

After three months, I was added to the payroll. Before that, it was the employees that occasionally bought me breakfast, a milkshake whenever I excelled, paid for my hair, gave me transport… etc. It was these simple acts of kindness and generosity that made me feel seen, loved and appreciated. As their slogan states, those people are indeed All About Love.

I now understand why God pushed me to go there. Those people’s love saved my life. They helped me rebuild my confidence. Even more, I never felt suicidal ever again. Later when I got the courage to leave my ex, I knew I would be okay. God had surrounded me with people that cared.

The End

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  1. Ayebare Patience Joy

    May 6, 2022 at 12:22 pm

    Oh wow, what a testimony.
    The kindness and love of the people we meet later in life and ain’t related to in anyway always humbles me and reminds me that God will go to the ends of the world to show us just how much he loves and care for us.

    1. Echoes Over Coffee

      May 6, 2022 at 2:58 pm

      Yeah, so true.
      Sometimes people love us in an incredibly amazing way that it can only be God behind it. Especially at times when we don’t feel worthy. At such times, it melts my heart because it feels like God has his warm arms wrapped around me.

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