Unbelievable -Part Four

By: Patience Joy Ayebare.

Clinton had come with a laptop bag and a jacket. He checked all of them and said, “Ooooops! I think I forgot my wallet”.

You should have seen the look on my face.
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I had just withdrawn fifty thousand shillings from the bank. I wanted to go visit my sister and buy her some of the things she had been asking for. But here was this guy who forgot his wallet at home. The pain came from his audacity to order so much food. How irresponsible of him! If he was alone, how would he have handled it? Well, just me thinking out loud.

Anyway, I cleared the bill and he nagged me about how rich I was until I got into the taxi. From then on, my conversations with him slowed down. This was not because I cleared the bill but because he showcased a high level of irresponsibility.

This man did not seem bothered at all by the incident. He never brought it up again in our occasional conversations. As I was trying to wrap my head around all this, I got a message from him. He was asking me to send him airtime of ten thousand shillings because apparently he was stuck somewhere and needed airtime and data.

Clinton kept money demands coming in the most cunning ways. Even most surprising was how he constantly put me on pressure about his forthcoming birthday. Clinton emphasized that he needed me to go extra.

Shrewdly, he still kept talking about wanting to see my parents and marrying me as soon as possible. I wondered how on earth he was going to look after me. His boldness in constantly asking for money, even when I had stressed the fact that I was not yet working in our first meeting, is what perplexed me.

One cold night my phone vibrated. On checking, it was Dr. Clinton. I picked up but there was silence for about five minutes. I hang up and called him back. He picked up and said, “I am so glad you called back. I am stuck in Nansana and I forgot my ATM card at home. My car has run out of fuel and I did not carry cash with me. You are all I thought about because you are the only person that understands me. Kindly send me one hundred thousand shillings. I will see how I can pay it back when I get home”.

It is at this point that I knew I had come in close encounter with the spirit of theft. Why was he always the one with issues? Didn’t he have family and friends he could call up for help? Why me that he only just met a few weeks ago?

Even when he did not have much, Juls would never ask me for money. All he ever asked of me was to love him the way he was. This was odd, what I getting from this doctor.

At this point, there was nothing smarter than running for my life. I realized that my first love Juls, who is now my husband, did not have a problem. It was just my wild expectations of him that would not let me see how amazing he was.

The End.

By: Patience Joy Ayebare.

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  1. Echoes Over Coffee

    June 3, 2022 at 4:54 pm

    This site was created for stories such as these. Thank you Joy for trusting us with your story. I believe there is so much power in sharing our own experiences; both good and bad. By part four, it was clear I hated Clinton. I despise dishonest men. He was a thief and evident con man. May God deal with him accordingly.

  2. Echoes Over Coffee

    June 3, 2022 at 4:59 pm

    Repay the 100k for fuel? Had he repaid the 10k airtime?

    I love the ending. Some experiences come as a slap in the face, reminding us of what we lost cause we took it for granted. I’m glad it was not too late for you.

    “It is at this point that I knew I had come in close encounter with the spirit of theft”- this part made me burst out laughing. But I am so glad wisdom finally located you. If this guy was genuine, he would have refunded the money you used to clear his bill when he “forgot his wallet at home”.

    1. Ayebare Patience Joy

      June 4, 2022 at 5:45 pm

      Amen…But above all since it’s the men that pursue us we can’t always determine who comes our way so may we as the ladies take the time to look before we leap,pray before we make decisions and always make sure to guard our hearts.

      1. Echoes Over Coffee

        June 5, 2022 at 6:37 am

        Surely. Great words of wisdom right there. We should guard our hearts, take time to study these men…and then walk away as soon we realize toxic behavior.

  3. Julius Natuhwera

    June 4, 2022 at 7:49 am

    But how did he pay transport to the venue and how did he proceed afterwards since the wallet was at home? It’s in a rare cases for a guy to forget his wallet at home especially when going to meet a girl they love. It was such a big lie. Though when someone puts you in that position, it’s hard to survive, it’s between a rock and a hard place.

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