How We Met

When I met a gentleman in church service and he offered me an opportunity to facilitate at a children’s camp in Mbale, I grabbed it. This was my exact area of expertise. I had served as a facilitator at children’s camps from the time I was in Senior Two. Furthermore, I had attended the best camps myself since I was seven years old.

But with just one week’s notice, my friend was worried. “They will eat you from there,” she cautioned. “Mbale is quite far and you don’t know anyone from there”. I knew she was overreacting. “It’s okay. Let me die. I won’t be the first and neither will I be the last,” I retorted.

The days neared and I packed everything I knew I needed for the camp. Other than the gentleman who invited me, I didn’t recognize anyone at the camp. Even worse, I could tell that they were judging me. They thought I was bougie.

The fascilitators arrived a night before the kids. The first day of camp, I was assigned to the registration table. Thanks to my assistance and a system I came up with, we finished in record time. When all the children were sorted, we packed up our files and boxes. Eavesdropping as I gathered my stuff, I got to learn that Registration was the most dreeded activity and that it always dragged on till late in the night. This time however, it had been a piece of cake with my involvement and tactics. I had saved the day and everyone was impressed.

In our meeting that night, the camp leader remarked, “Uncle Richie told me that he was bringing someone new and that I would like her. And I have”. All kids were split into four groups, and I was assigned to lead one. In the days that followed, I exceeded expectations. Everything I did was considered outstanding; whether it was morning prayers, cleaning up, lessons, sports;-I added a unique touch of excellence. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel like I was doing anything extraordinary. To me, I was just doing what was expected of me.

The kids loved me and a few followed me everywhere. A few male fascilitators were hitting on me. But I only felt an attraction for Leo the camp leader. It is actually not what you’re thinking. In comparison, other guys had it better in terms of appearance. But there was this je ne sais quoi about Leo.

He was hardworking, calm and gentle. He seemed to notice me. If I needed any assistance, he was there in a heartbeat. Considering that he had assigned me the task of organizing the Bible Quiz questions, which would happen on the second last day of camp, we were often together. Mainly because I was using his tablet for typing.

One afternoon, the kids and most of the fascilitators went to the community for outreach. The quiz was happening the following day. With permission, I stayed behind to complete the typing. As I sat typing, Leo came and sat next to me. He seemed quiet and reserved. Nearly shy too.

Taking note of his uneasiness, I tried to engage him in conversation. I asked him to tell me more about himself. He sighed and said it was a long story. He seemed like a person of few words. As he sat silently next to me while I typed, I felt butterflies in my stomach. If I was unsure before, I now knew. From how I felt inside, there was no denying that I had deep feelings for this guy.

End of Part One

Disclaimer: The names that feature in this story are fictitious. They were made up to protect the identity and privacy of those involved.

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  1. Ayebare Patience Joy

    June 16, 2022 at 8:25 pm

    “There was this je ne sais quoi about Leo”
    That’s the point I stopped understanding haha…

    1. Echoes Over Coffee

      June 16, 2022 at 8:28 pm


  2. Tukamushaba Godfrey

    June 17, 2022 at 7:03 pm

    Butterflies in your stomach haha

    1. Echoes Over Coffee

      June 17, 2022 at 7:55 pm

      Love is indeed the most powerful force on planet earth. It will humble even the greatest of men.

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