The Night After Camp
-Part Two

I must have drifted off ’cause the next thing I knew, Leo was waking me up to eat.

The Night After Camp -Part One

“If you want to first shower, the bathroom is free,” he suggested. The look on my face told him it was a terrible suggestion. First, I was still sleepy. Two, I was freezing.
Leo left and returned with two plates of food. When he signaled to my food in one hand, I could not hide my horror. It was a lot of food. Instinctively, Leo swapped both hands and gave me the lesser food.
I loved how he effortlessly knew what I wanted to say, even without saying it.

Sincerely speaking, I was not hungry. However, I learnt as a child that it was impolite to leave food on the plate. So I fought with it and cleared my plate…even when I finished last. I don’t know which scientific theory to back it up with, but all I know is that when I am in the presence of a guy I like, my appetite for food is often at zero point zero five percent-(0.05%). I kid you not. The food itself was alright, but for Leo’s effort and my lack of participation, I exaggerated my praise and remarked that it was delicious. It worked cause Leo smiled. Ron on the other hand must seen past my deception ’cause he was not moved. Patrik’s mom was silent.

When he was done eating, Leo assigned us where we were going to sleep. I was to share a room with Patrik and his mom. Ron was taking the other room. Leo was going to crash on the couch. I tried to protest but even when I insisted on taking the couch, Leo deliberately refused.

As everyone departed for bed, I washed the utensils. Next, I swept the house and kitchen. At this point, Leo had already passed out on the couch. Even when common sense told me to walk away, I paused for a moment and stared at him. I just wanted to bend where he lay and kiss him goodnight -on the forehead.

But I couldn’t. Anyone could walk in any minute. What would say when caught? I didn’t even know this guy’s last name. We had met a few days back-not even a week had elapsed. Rather than the kiss, I settled for a compromise. I just ran my hands lovingly through his unkempt hair. Leo had my heart and affection even without trying. Now imagine if he tried…

I finished sweeping, showered and went to bed. As I lay content in my bed, I prayed for everyone I had met at the camp. I prayed a blessing over the house we were in, for the owner and his family. Lastly, I prayed for Leo like my life depended on it. Everything I wanted and wished for myself, I prayed for him and more.

The next day, I was up before everyone. I washed my face, brushed my teeth and fixed in my denture. I didn’t want to explain to anyone why I had a missing tooth. Definitely not Leo.

Like on cue, there was a gentle knock on the door just when I had entered my bed. ‘Come in,’ I said. Leo slightly opened the door and stayed there. Peering inside, his eyes searched the room. Perhaps he didn’t expect any of us to be awake? When our eyes met, he smiled. Confident of my appearance, I smiled back.

After some silence Leo entered and said he was looking for a shirt. I am of the view that the shirt was just an excuse to see me and talk to me. Why? Because even after minutes of going through the wardrobe and drawers, he left the same way he had come.
Patrick and his mom were now awake. Minutes later, I went and showered.

That morning as we made breakfast, Leo cracked the jokes and I did the laughing. I don’t even remember them except one about ‘Minute Maid’. Countless times, I caught him staring at me. Each time I would just smile and look away.

While mixing eggs, a helmet from above the sink fell from above me and crashed a plate into pieces. I was horror-struck. Leo was outside when it happened but he appeared in the doorway in a heartbeat. Concern was written allover his face. “Are you okay?” He asked in alarm.
“Yes, I’m okay,” I assured him; then went on to explain what had happened. Clearly, it wouldn’t have been of any consequence to him if a thousand expensive plates had gotten broken. All he cared about was my safety. It made me love him all the more. He continued to shower me with attention

Later as we drove to Kampala, I told them about my popcorn guy who always gives me twice as much as I pay for. They teased me and made jokes about it.

That evening when I reached my place, I got a call from Leo. He was having a hard time saying what he wanted to say. This made me uneasy. Forgetting he had called, I hang up on him. To compensate, I sent him a text and he replied. Realizing he had not said why he had called, I asked him why in a text.
“I was checking on the girl with a boyfriend who sells popcorn,” he said. I laughed. Very funny, so now he was cracking jokes?

The texting never stopped.

The End.

Disclaimer: The names that feature in this story are fictitious. They were made up to protect the identity and privacy of those involved.

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  1. Ayebare Patience Joy

    July 15, 2022 at 9:22 pm

    Kyoka Leo…

    1. Echoes Over Coffee

      July 16, 2022 at 8:15 am

      I guess every girl has ever received one of those lectures of, “don’t bring for us boda men, popcorn and chapatti guys”…..😃😃😃As if!

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