Monday was as busy as it could possibly be. I was up at 4am as usual to publish the day’s top News Stories on the website. This often took me between two to three hours. When done, I freshened up and went to my second part-time job.

I arrived at work earlier than usual. While there, I purposed to finish my work early, then left to clear my To-do list. There was so much lined up for my afternoon, most of which was in preparation for my job interview the following day. There was a vacancy for a Customer Care Executive at a leading car importing company. It was a part-time job. The current employee was going on maternity leave.

To facilitate the errands, I made a huge cash withdraw from my bank account. Though it was my first official job interview, I knew that if I wanted the job, I had to ‘look’ the part. Thankfully I had the money to make that happen.

My first stop was downtown. I bought myself a black pair of jeans and a new pair of heels. I also worked on one of my clients’ orders. She wanted a jean dress and a faded pair of blue Tomboy jeans. Selling jeans was my side hustle.

From town, I rushed to Wandegeya for my 3pm hair appointment. To beat the jam, I grabbed a boda. In advance, the hairdresser and I had settled for Knotless braids. Best part with them is that they’re plaited in a painless way. Unlike the usual braids, Knotless braids do not hurt at all. Last thing I needed was a sleepless night over hair before my interview.

As two ladies worked on my hair, a gentleman worked on my nails. Collectively, it was a job well done. We finished at around 7pm. For the first time that day, I actually felt hungry. Foolishly, I had skipped lunch due to the busy schedule. Since breakfast at my place, I hadn’t eaten anything serious. During the day, I had sipped my homemade bushera in my vacuum cup. At the salon, I bought grasshoppers- a decision I later regretted. They had a stale taste. And that was just about it.

I took a boda to my place and bought food for my supper along the way. I was too exhausted to consider cooking. Out of the blue, I started feeling sick and getting worse by the minute. I knew it was the fatigue and empty stomach. As a result, I developed stomach complications and a throbbing, head-splitting headache. Clinically, it was termed as a migraine. “A headache of varying intensity, often accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and sound,” according to Google.

The headache seemed to be one-sided. Pounding from my right eye. I only got these kinds of headaches on days when I overworked, had multiple tasks, failed to eat or experienced great stress and pressure. Now at my place, I tried to eat but felt nauseated. I forced down a few bites just for damage control. My body needed the food. Eventually, unable to continue, I covered the food and set an alarm for two hours later. I would wake up and eat.

Next, I suffered through the process of putting down my mosquito net. It is a miracle I did not collapse. That simple task felt like the most tedious thing I ever did. I was feeling dizzy. Finally after putting down my net, I got in bed and prayed.

“Dear God, I’m sorry I was wreckless with my health. I should have eaten lunch. I just pray that I will be well by tomorrow. I can’t be sick during my job interview. Please God, I need a miracle. Please heal me”. After that, I tried to sleep. Sleep was always my best remedy for such headaches. I never took medicine for them.

Two hours later, my alarm went off. I got up at eat. The headache and nausea were gone. My stomach had also settled. I finished eating my food and washed it down with warm water. I then went back to bed.

The next morning, I woke up feeling great. Miraculous, is all I can call it. I can’t explain how I went from nearly dropping dead the previous night, to being in perfect health.

I published the day’s news stories, then got ready for my 11am Job Interview.

The End.

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