This one time I got a call from Edmond. He said he was in a place close to where I stayed. Rather than invite him over, I offered to go and meet him there because I wanted to keep the guys hitting on me in public places.

Later we decided to split; me to go home and him to his next destination. So we walked together to the spot where we would separate. Along the way, he said, “That would look good on you”. I’m like, ‘What?’ In response, he pointed to a wedding gown on a mannequin.

We had just passed a wedding gown’s store but I hadn’t even noticed. After looking and taking in the gown, I shrugged it off because one, I had never envisioned myself in a gown and I had never pictured my wedding. Two, I felt like I was too young for marriage, – I was twenty three.

Some other time he asked me for what my parents wanted for bride price. First, the concept of parents is one of contention because I was raised by many people. I lost my parents when I was little. However, that got me thinking, ‘What did they even want?’ I’d never thought about it.

Thankfully, I had overheard my aunt saying at one point that she wanted to get out of Kampala. She wanted land and a simple home next to the city. So I mentioned it to Edmond. He did the math and calculated out loud the possible cost of land and building a home. The total came down to a few million shillings. I thought it was costly but he didn’t seem moved. He felt like he could afford.

As far as seriousness went, I think Edmond was serious about me. Too serious if you asked me. This is a guy who would ask me for my five-year plan. Dude, I didn’t even have a one-week plan. The only thing on my mind at the time was to just study and graduate. Then possibly get a good-paying job. And I told him as much, but he wanted details and big ideas. Too bad I had none.

To this day, I’m not a visionary person because I’m too realistic. However, I am someone who always gives one hundred percent at whatever I do. Other than focus on the future, I focus on ‘right now’. I focus on maximizing the opportunities within my reach and making smart decisions. In addition, I always do whatever I can in every situation and give it my best shot.

Back to the day of the gown; as we walked, he kept going further and further until I told him to get a taxi. I was now close to my place. He asked about going to my place to visit. I told him he couldn’t because my place was disorganized. I had piled everything in the center in preparation of it getting painted. Discouraged, he hugged me goodbye.

He wrapped his arms around me and wasn’t in a hurry to let go. Meanwhile we were on the pavement of a conjunction – one of the busiest roundabouts in town; and everyone was staring. He whispered in my ear before pulling away, “Amari”. This was Itesot for “I love you”. I said, “Thank you,” and then we parted ways. That lame response because I was in love with someone else…who later married someone else. Talk about a tragedy!

The End.

Disclaimer: The names that feature in this story are fictitious. They were made up to protect the identity and privacy of those involved.

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