Never Again

Sometimes words fail me when I think of the pain my ex put me through. Everything he did was forgivable. All except one: “Getting married to someone else when he knew I couldn’t live without him”. That single act was equivalent to him attempting to take my life. If I was a poet, -which I’m not, I would have put down my grief in a sonnet like the one below.

He held a loaded gun to my head
He knew
If he pulled the trigger
I would be terribly hurt
I would bleed
I’d be in insurmountable pain
But still
He took his aim
And pulled the trigger
He did not miss
He shot me in the skull
And walked away without looking back
He showed no remorse
He left me alone to die

Before you judge my poetry skills, I’m glad the story did not end there. There was Jesus. He held me through the pain. I fought so hard to stay alive. I took those slow painful breaths. Sometimes I felt the life draining through my veins.
But I survived. Even when I know the scars will last forever.

Now I live to say, “Never again”. Never again, will a son of man, ever put me through such pain, -NEVER AGAIN!

The End.

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