Approach My Crush, Or Not?

It is said that in the olden days, girls in the Western World used to intentionally drop their handkerchiefs when they walked past a man they liked. The man would pick it up, run after the lady and return it. The lady would be grateful and a conversation would start from there. Hopefully a romance would sprout out of it. Nowadays, things are a bit more complicated.

I had walked the whole beach to and fro. I now stood close to where I had started my journey on the shore. Up in one of the shelters was a terribly handsome young man, Joe. He had been kind enough to turn and face the other side as I changed from my white ripped jeans to a pair of shorts even as Brandy held a small cloth over me to shield me from preying eyes. Thankfully I had black seamless boyshorts, (bicah) inside. The bathrooms were awfully far away.

From work, I had come directly to the beach where we were celebrating Pascal’s birthday with Brandy and Pamela. I wanted to at least walk in the water at knee-length sice I was not swimming. I had wanted to swim and had even carried my swimming costume, however, I changed my mind when I saw the magnitude of seaweed in the water.

In the lake was a couple. A man was teaching a certain lady how to swim. Other than learn how to swim, it was obvious that the woman would be pushing a baby nine months from then. As I watched them, I looked up at Joe, to see if he was noticing them too. He felt my gaze and looked up from his phone. I smiled, and turned to face the lake.

I honestly felt tempted to walk over to him and just start a conversation -but that would have been too direct. I kept at the shore, looking in his direction every now and then. I toyed with the water and sand as I fought the urge to throw myself at Joe. Several guys in the water and around the beach were calling to me every now and then, but I had eyes only for one lad. And his eyes were mostly on his phone.

Eventually, I just went up to a spot in the shelter where my friends had placed our bags. There, I sat down on the mat Pamela had carried with her from home. I looked around. Pamela was walking on the beach as Pascal and Brandy sat talking somewhere in a shade. Unable to approach Joe, I just got my phone and headsets and watched a movie. I also pulled out a blue lollipop and ate it to pass the time.

Another guy later joined Joe. A few minutes later, both of them got up to leave. “Why haven’t you swum?” Inquired Joe as they walked past me.
Me: I don’t know how to swim. I was waiting for you to teach me, but now you have left.
Joe: I am coming back. I’m just going to buy a beer for my brother Alec.

“But I also don’t know how to swim,” he added smiling as they walked away. I smiled back and returned to my movie as they disappeared from sight. My crush had spoken to me first…Yeey!!!

Not so long after, I watched Andrew the boat man taking a trip on the water alone. I waved at him at capture his attention. I then ran down to the shore and asked him to take me with him. “Why take an empty boat when I’m here? Take me with you,” I pleaded. He turned and came back to the shore for me. When I got onboard, Andrew called over his brother to help him push the boat off shore. He then joined us on the ride.

My friends and I had paid for a trip earlier and it was the first time I had enjoyed a boat cruise. Sadly, I was occupied with taking pictures and videos. When Andrew agreed to take me with him for a free ride, I intentionally left my phone behind this time around.

Looking at me, Andrew’s brother asked him thrice why he had taken me for the free cruise. All the three times, Andrew said nothing. Both men were watching me. It was at this point that I turned to face the water and enjoy the ride. Their conversation had nothing to do with me.

I was so fascinated by the water and the scenery like a five year old. Andrew had taken me in a different route from the one we had used prior. I bent over and put my hands in the water. Part of me wanted to just jump in the water. O how I loved being on the water! When we returned to shore, I thanked Andrew and walked away. I joined my friends in the shelter and we chatted till it got dark.

True to his word, Joe and Alec later returned. They stood above us somewhere in a distance. The place was on a hilly slope. Every now and then, I looked up at them, but they were facing the other side of the lake.

When we were ready to go, Pamela cut some cake for Brandy since she was headed to a different destination. I requested Pamela to cut for me two extra pieces. “I’m going to shoot my shot,” I announced in a low voice. My three friends were supportive. I had already filled them in about “the cute guy” that had gone to buy beer.

With the cake, I approached the two guys. When I was close enough for them to hear, I announced, “I come bearing gifts;-cake!”. They turned to face me. They gleefully recieved it.
“You can keep the serviette,” I said to Alec as he picked the remaining piece.

“Whose birthday?” asked my crush Joe.
“Him,” I replied pointing at Pascal.
They looked where I was pointing and chorused, “Oh, thank you for the cake. Happy Birthday to him”.

“Can we at least get a hug,” suggested Alec. I just smiled hesitantly and looked away evasively.
“Your number, then?” Offered my crush. Gladly! I reached for his phone and typed in the digits.

Joe: I will call you tomorrow.
Me: Okay.

Before I turn to go, Joe warns me smiling in Luganda, “ngenda kutawaanya!” (I’m going to disturb you). I smiled and then walked away. Wasn’t that the goal? Him disturbing me was the desired effect.

As I went over to my friends, I felt like I was going to run mad with ecstasy. I didn’t even notice the long distance we later walked back to the main road. That day, I did not drop a handkerchief, but serving them cake produced the same desired results.

The End.

Disclaimer: The names that feature in this story are fictitious. They were made up to protect the identity and privacy of those involved.

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  1. Ayebare Patience Joy

    October 15, 2022 at 6:47 pm

    Aya bass

    1. Echoes Over Coffee

      October 16, 2022 at 12:34 am

      Someone actually once said, “It matters not, how long a time you take away from love; still when you get back, it will be as though you learnt nothing from the first heartache”. And I have come to know those words to be true. The way I waited for that phonecall; you’d think I was a twelve year old.

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