A Departure From The Normal- Part two

Maybe at first I made you believe that I was unhappy on this date, -but quite the contrary! I loved the fact it was a unique experience. I love simplicity and clearly, Andrew wasn’t trying to prove a point. And I loved that.

Andrew was a handsome man, with a cute dark complexion and attractive beard. From the time I saw him on the boat cruise, it was something about his affable personality and eyes. I liked his eyes. More than once, I had caught him looking at me with a hint of a smile on his face. He was leaning back casually, in both a laid back and confident manner. He was just so drawn into me; inexplicably so.

At the bar, I was quite impressed with his pool gaming skills. After some time, I told Andrew that I needed to leave. What I expected was that he was going to drive me back on a boda the same way we had come. But nah. He had different plans. He made me walk. Did I protest? Oh yeah, you can bet on it, I did!

Him: I don’t walk much. I’m usually on a boat or boda whenever I’m traveling.
Me: Why am I being punished just because you don’t get to walk as much as you’d like to? That’s not fair.
He smiled, “I’m not punishing you. It’s not a punishment. When you go so soon I’m going to be lonely”.
Me: But the sun… it’s hot. I don’t mind walking, but I only like it in the evenings, when the sun has gone down.
Andrew: Should I give you my hat?
Me: I have mine.

I opened my bag and got out my beach hat and wore it. Likewise for my sun glasses. I also pulled out the last one of my blue lollipops and tossed it inside my mouth.

Andrew: Every time I see you, you’re eating a sweet. And they are always blue.
Me: No, this is the only one remaining from the bunch I carried on Monday at the beach.

As we walked, I held my hands to my chest. Andrew pulled them down to my sides.

Me: So on top of forcing me to walk, you’re also dictating on ‘how’ I should walk?

He laughed. I liked that Andrew was playful and casual with me. I would have hated it if he was tiptoeing over me. It’s a plus when a guy is not intimated by me.

As we continued walking, he suggested we use a route that branched off from the main road. I looked at it. The path narrowed into trees with bushy thick undergrowth. From where I stood, I noticed that the path took a sharp turn out of sight. Anything else that lay ahead from there was a mystery.

It was perfect for a romantic walk with someone you trusted and were comfortable with. I didn’t feel that with Andrew. I paused, weighed the possibilities and said nah. He laughed and asked why.

Me: Siyina gansadaaka.(I’m not about to be sacrificed).
Andrew: Because I’m a stranger.
Me: Yeah.

Though more than get sacrificed, I was mostly afraid of getting raped -but couldn’t tell him that. I didn’t want to put the idea in his head. We continued moving on the main road. It was safer that way.

Earlier Andrew had asked if I had kids, I said nope.
“Married?” he asked. I laughed. What business did a married woman have being in the company of another man, just for the fun bit of it?

He asked again about my health status. I told him it didn’t matter what I said. Best option in such matters is to get tested, cause I could tell him what he wanted to hear. He offered that we go and get tested. I wondered why the urgency, since sex was not an option.

When we reached the busy main road, there were taxis fighting for passengers. To escape the chaos, I told them we were not going. Andrew led me away to a hangout joint built in a gazebo setting. It was a lovely spot by the roadside. Very comfortable and relaxing.

We sat on a table outside in one of the gazebos. Andrew bought water. I got out my ironed hankie and wiped the perspiration off my face. We had a serious, meaningful conversation. It is obvious that he was serious and knew exactly what he wanted. So, this chat was more like negotiating a business deal. There was no beating around the bush.

He told me everything I needed to know. Majority of which were on my list of none negotiables. But better brutal honesty, than sugar-coated lies.

He told me he has as a wife who works abroad. They’re neither divorced nor separated. When I asked, he told me they’re still together. He said he has two kids, a girl and a boy. 3 and 9 years respectively.

He said he’s a Muslim. I lied that I’m an ethiest. Why, because I wanted to see the real him, not an edited version of what he knew a christian girl would want to hear. However, more than thrice during our chat, he exclaimed randomly, “You are a Christian!” -Which I denied. I just told him that I was raised with certain principles and values, nothing to do with religion whatsoever.

Andrew said he was serious about me and that he wanted a relationship. He said he was willing to marry me and offered that we start dating.

I told him that I am not becoming a co-wife. I would never want someone to do that to me, so I can’t knowingly take away someone’s man. Besides, my jealousy can’t permit me to share a man. Two, I told him I’m not becoming a step mother. That’s a lifestyle I would never choose for myself. Maybe if I randomly stambled into it blindly, which for me was not the case.

He asked for my age. I told him to guess. Basing on my graduation date, he guessed I was 24 years old. When I asked, he said he’s 29 years old. My friend who had seen him later said that he was that, plus five more years…hahaha….Coincidentally, Andrew said his birthday is on August 12th…and mine is on September 12th! I thought that was remarkably wonderful.

When I told him I would be leaving Kajjansi within a few days, he suggested that I stay. I had explained that my visit that side was just for me to visit my brother. I was careful not to mention my homelessness. Andrew said he had the capacity to take care of me and offered to rent for me. Considering I was ‘homeless’, that was a tempting offer.

But say that I did take his offer, it is a truth well-known that men change. How long would that last? For how long would he willingly pay my rent before I started begging and chasing and pleading with him to do so? That aside, we all know that free things stoped on Golgotha.

Me: Rent for me, in exchange for what? Become a house wife? What would I stay in Kajjansi doing? I can’t stay just for the sake of staying.
Him: I have some businesses you can run from home.

A shop, I suppose? Anyway, I kept my opinions to myself. We continued talking and he remarked that he loves the fact that I’m interested in what he does. (We met on a boat cruise and my fascination for water was evident). “Most girls say they can’t date a fisherman”, Andrew added.
“I just love water”, I said in response.

When a man is with a woman he likes, he will do and say anything just to win her over. But not Andrew. So somehow I knew that today’s experience was more of a test. I knew he was just testing me. Besides, he had an air and self worth about him that hinted on the fact that there was more to him than he was placing on the table.

True enough, he eventually opened up and told me he wears many hats. I’m sure he wouldn’t have played this card, if not for the fact that he sensed he was not making progress in capturing my heart.

He admitted that he’s an engineer by profession and well-known in his field. He owns multiple businesses. He works as a tour guide and owns more than five boats on the Island. He is a swimming coach, “…and other things,” he said conclusively. I was not surprised by this confession. I had suspected as much.

Andrew: Would you like to come and see my other house?
Me: No, it’s late and I have to go back and work on my client’s project. I did not work much on it today.

He had earlier suggested that I return and spend the night on Friday. To that, I had told him that it was never gonna happen. But he brought it up again.

Looking down at the table, he asked in both an inquisitive and somewhat defeated tone, “You’re not coming back on Friday, are you?” He looked up at me memontarily, long enough to read the unsaid on my face. Our eyes met briefly and he looked down again.

Me: It will depend. Make clear plans and send me the schedule. However, I’m not spending the night, that’s nonnegotiable.
Him: What are your hobbies? What do you like?

I did not answer. Why would I do his homework for him? That, he had to figure on his own.

Me: Do you drink?
Him: I neither drink nor smoke.
(Thank God! I was relieved to hear that.)
Me: At least that’s a step in the right direction.

A phone cover vendor passed by. I signalled him over. I selected three for my phone and tried them on. They looked lovely. I asked for how much. He said 15,000 shillings each.

Me: What am I purchasing, a man?

I asked him to reduce on the price so that I buy. He said he stops on 13,000 shillings. I told him to negotiate with Andrew, since he was paying.

Andrew: I can only give you 7,000 shillings.
Vendor: 12,000 shillings, last price.
Andrew: It’s her kameza money. I will give you whatever she says. (He turned to face me), How much should I give him?
Me: (I held up my hand with the five fingers spread out) Five thousand shillings.
Vendor: Sincerely…at least do eight thousand shillings.

Long story short, we did not buy cause I insisted on 5k. But it was the experience for me. We teamed up against the poor guy when in actual sense none of us knew the actual price of the covers. At that moment, Andrew and I acted like we were a serious couple. It was fun.

When the vendor left, Andrew asked me to consider his marriage proposal…or at least a serious relationship with him.

Me: I appreciate that you have been open with me, but honestly, I don’t think this will work out.
Andrew: Now did you want me to lie to you?

Me: No, because I have not lied to you either. Though it wouldn’t have been news if you had lied. Men lie like it’s a virtue.
Andrew: At least say you’ll think about it.
Me: There is nothing to consider. I have already given you my verdict.

“I have failed to understand you,” he said conclusively with resignation.
Me: Let’s see how Friday goes. Make a day’s schedule and send it to me.

For the umpteenth time, I told him I had to go. It must have been about 4:00pm now. He got out some cash and gave me ‘transport’. Unwilling to rob him, I only accepted half the amount. He called that night, asking if I arrived safely. I told him that I did. He then proceeded to my WhatsApp inbox and told me to consider giving him a shot, because he really liked me.
“What if I pick you, and leave my wife?” he suggested.

But that gender!! Men will definitely make you lose faith in humanity.

The End.

Disclaimer: The names that feature in this story are fictitious. They were made up to protect the identity and privacy of those involved.

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