First Night

After my eviction, there are so many people that could have housed me…but I have two issues: one, I hate begging. Two, in reality, I keep my problems to myself. So since no one offered, I just inboxed a random guy and asked if he could house me for awhile. Inexplicably, I found it easier asking help from him, a stranger, than anyone else that I knew. I found comfort in the fact the he did not know much about me. Alvin said yes, and that’s how I found myself staying alone with him.

My arrival at his residence was at night due to sickening traffic jam. The moment I set my eyes on him, I knew I was going to be alright because he was not my type. At least sexual temptation was the least of my concerns.

Two, Alvin said he had a girlfriend, though he added that they had been having some issues for awhile. He had gone through her phone and landed on a conversation between her and her ex. From what he told me, it was clear she was still in love her ex. Nonetheless, they were still together so I knew that he was hands off.

Alvin led me upstairs to his place. I placed my few belongings aside, sat down on the bed and tried to hold a conversation with my host. I asked if he had cooked because I was ravenous. Personally, I had been too busy packing and shifting to eat the whole day.

Alvin said he hadn’t cooked. Instead, he made me some tea and offered me snacks. We chatted a bit. Later it struck me that I had taken that cup of tea for nearly an hour; unbelievable! Afterwards, I showered and brushed. Next item on the agenda was sleeping.

Alvin’s place was two-roomed. One of them was a lovely bathroom that suited my taste, and the other was a room that had, well, everything else. It had imaginary lines separating the bedroom, kitchen area, closet, sitting room, study and store. I’m sure y’all know what I mean.

Before coming, I had suggested to sleep down or on the couch but he had no couch. He had only one bed and no extra mattress. Besides, the space on the floor was too small. That way, I had two options, either share the small bed with Alvin, or put a few sheets on the floor and sleep down.

I was afraid of sleeping down ’cause I hate crawling insects, and I had spotted a few already. Then I was also scared of sharing a bed because when I was younger, I fell off a bed and lost one and a half of my front teeth. I did the math, weighed my fears then just decided to share the bed with Alvin.

Before going, Alvin had asked if I he could trust me. Trust me? Of course he could. I was not attracted to him so what’s the worst that could happen? The fact that he was concerned made me feel like I could trust him. Afterall, from my research and from the little I knew about him, I figured I would be safe with him.

Bearing in mind that he was a guy, I had spent a considerable amount of time choosing appropriate outfits for my stay with him. However, my biggest challenge was deciding on what to wear to bed. Eventually, I settled for a floral, two layered cotton dress that was below the knee. For both my sake and his girlfriend’s, I didn’t want to wear anything that could turn him on. It is a fact well-known that men are visual. I was cautious enough to leave all my short dresses, shorts and transparent shirts behind.

When it was time for bed, I entered the bathroom and changed into the floral cotton dress. Exiting the bathroom, I felt his eyes allover me. I felt uneasy and cautious without a bra. Also, part of the nerves came from the fact that at age 26, I had never stayed alone with a guy, not to mention spend a night, -let alone share a bed. This was a whole new experience for me with so many firsts.

Alvin chose the side to the wall. He switched off the lights and we entered the sheets. Alvin prayed and bid me a goodnight. The prayer calmed me down a bit. I have a natural talent of sleeping instantly, but not that night. I just failed to sleep. Neither could he. To this day, words fail me when I try to explain what happened next. I just can’t find the right adjectives.

Though I was facing the opposite side, I could feel the heat from his body. He was making a certain involuntary low sound that was close to heavy breathing; nearly like he was gasping for breath. I, on the other hand, was fixed in one position, unable to move. I was holding my breath. My mind was alert to every sound and movement. I wouldn’t have slept even if I had tried.

I knew he was struggling; struggling to stay away. He was struggling with keeping his hands to himself. This went on for what I guess was about two hours.

The sounds continued and once in awhile, I could feel him drawing closer to me. “This is very normal,” he said.
“Nothing can happen; unless if you want it to,” he added.

That is when I knew that two weeks was going to be a very looong time.

The End.

As always, thank you for reading. This story is in different episodes, basing on what happened each day, for the five days that I stayed with Alvin. Look out for what happened the following day, after my first night.

Disclaimer: The name(s) that feature in this story are fictitious. They were made up to protect the identity and privacy of those involved.

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